23 May 2019

Amyndeo Explained Report - Some thoughts

I have just published my very first online report about a Greek wine region. Amyndeo in Macedonia, Northern Greece. Progressively, there will be separate reports on all the wine-making regions of Greece. Each will include detailed and updated information on the characteristics of the specific region, varieties, vintages, producers and wines. I feel that nowadays whatever is written about Greek wine soon becomes outdated, because of all the 'fermentation' that is currently taking place in the country; the number of the wineries has risen to 1300, the natural wine scene is exploding, more emphasis is now given on vine-growing and winemaking approaches are constantly evolving. This is why my effort will be focused on presenting content which is both comprehensive, analytic and up-to-date.

I am very enthusiastic about the Amyndeo Explained report, which spans 32 pages and more than 8000 words. Contents include: Information on Xinomavro and other varieties, the Historical context, Amyndeo today, Leading Producer Profiles, Vintages overview, Amyndeo: The next level, Tasting Νotes and my 10 most exciting Amyndeo wines. I would like to particularly underline the inclusion of a detailed terroir map of the region, which is the first of its kind. It covers soils and subregions linking them to the styles of the wines.  

Last, but not least, I would like to give credit to my contributors, Gregory Michailos and Olga Antoniadou for all their help with the content, and Yiannis Milionis for the impressive layout. I hope you will find it both enjoyable and useful.

You can have free access to Amyndeo Explained 2019 here


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