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20 June 2017

The Aussie adventure with Wines of Greece: Sydney

It has been a sound start for Wines of Greece yesterday in Sydney with the presence of fourteen excellent Greek wineries in a trade tasting and a masterclass held for the professionals. Sydney is the first stop in the #Greekoztrip17 with Adelaide and Melbourne following shortly.

Both activities of Wines of Greece, the trade tasting and the masterclass, were hosted in the beautiful premises of Establishment. They were packed with professionals showing solid interest about Greek wine which despite the hard times of the economy shows growth in all major markets. For Australia as I mentioned in a previous story sales have risen by 27% over the last two years needing however more time to draw safer conclusions. 

Photos of the participating wineries follow at the slide show at the end of the text.

Trade tasting in Establishment

The masterclass I presented to more than sixty people covered four flights. Aromatic varieties such as Moschofilero and Malagousia kicked things with Robola from Cephalonia and mainland Assyrtiko following. 

Then came a brilliant flight of Santorini wines showing the textbook salty minerality and Assyrtiko's huge potential for ageing. With acidities over 7 g/lt, pH around 2.80 and alcohol close to 14% Santorini Assyrtiko is a wine that makes you think and often wonder! The best comment I received however was that all four examples were different showing their individuality although sharing a common volcanic base. 

Last in line were a nice red flight of a Xinomavro from Amyndaion (refined and floral, an elegant expression of the variety), a fleshy Rapsani with very well integrated oak and a blend of Mavrodaphne with Refosco, the latter planted in Greece in 1870! A discovery wine was served blind for a sweet finish: a gorgeous Santorini Vinsanto

There was a lot of positive feedback and enthusiasm about the flavours, the character and the terroirs these wines represented that made me feel proud to be Greek! I am sure that the entire Greek team including Eleni, Maria, Klairy, Grigoris and all the winemakers will outperform in Adelaide and Melbourne as well. 

The Greek team with the ladies from Liquid Ideas

Sydney offered us some relaxing time afterwards with a perfect Negroni at the Establishment. There was also time to discover delicious Aussie beers and enjoy a super - tasty chili crab pasta at Jamie's Italian restaurant. Stay tuned for the next parts of the Aussie adventure in Adelaide and Melbourne.

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