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29 December 2017

My top Wines on Instagram (Part 2: International wines)

This is Part 2 from my Instagram best of and if you have not checked the Greek favourites, you can see them here. Remember, this is the selection of wines that gathered the most Likes on my Instagram account. 

Τhis year, I traveled the world over, from Italy (Alto Piemonte, Alto Adige and Valpolicella) to Australia to Washington and Oregon with a little bit of Champagne and Israel. Many of the wines, on this list, I tasted on my travels to these places. This is why amongst them you will find examples that are particularly precious or hard to find. Nevertheless, no matter how intensively I try to taste when I am at these different places, there are always so many more to discover, some of which I bring back with me and taste when in my country. But, in Greece I find other wines waiting, so inevitably the list includes a little bit of everything.

Wines 14 to 9

14. Quintarelli Alzero Cabernet 2007 In sum a memorable cult wine with amazing intensity, power and class. This includes 40% Cabernet Sauvignon, another 40% Cabernet Franc and 20% Merlot. (Tasted at Quintarelli)

13. Dal Forno Romano Amarone della Valpolicella 2010 Incredible wine. Like a cannon exploding in your mouth. (Tasted in Greece, Trinity fair)

12. Dormilona Clayface Chardonnay 2016. A Chardonnay outside the box fermented into amphora. Natural approach, no nothing except minimal sulphur at the bottling process. Mineral, textural with an elegant core of fruit. (Tasted in Australia)

11. JJ. Prum Wehlener Sonnenuhr 2006 Auslese

10. Gran Enemigo El Cepillo Cabernet Franc 2012 Single vineyard at 1450 m altitude and a brilliant example of what Cabernet Franc can achieve in Argentina. (First tasted in Mendoza and again in Greece via HEBE)

9. The Baroli featuring Monfortino 2001 A synopsis of the Baroli Crus tasting in Athens including Giacomo Conterno, Vietti, Burlotto, Rinaldi, Mascarello and Aldo Conterno

Wines 8 to 3

8. Penfolds Grange 2011 (tasted in Magill Estate). Related story A tale of some brilliant Aussie wines

7. Alois Lageder TIK 2015 Related story Alois Lageder Tik 2015: An Assyrtiko from Alto Adige

6. Owen Roe Chapel Block Red Willow Vineyard Syrah ''La Chapelle of Yakima Valley'' (tasted in Chapel Block Washington)

5. Guigal La Mouline 2000

4. Jacques Selosse V.O Brilliant, vinous, exotic Version Originale is a treasure worth seeking.

3. Vega Sicilia Unico 1982 Related story Vega Sicilia Unico 1982: A majestic wine and Vega Sicilia Unico, A night to remember

Wines 2 to 1

2. Tenuta di Trinoro Magnacosta 2012 and David and Nadia Elpidios 2014 Second position features a superb Cabernet Franc and Elpidios from David and Nadia, a stunning burgundian blend of Carignan, Syrah, Pinotage, Cinsaut and Grenache.

1. Jim Barry Assyrtiko 2016 Australia's first Assyrtiko tasted in Adelaide making waves on Assyrtiko's great future. 

Yamas and HNY


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