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25 April 2017

Nectar 1968: A masterpiece from Samos Cooperative

An epic sweet wine from Samos island matured in oak for 49 years!

According to Clark Smith and his Post Modern Winemaking, wines can be classified under the ''yummy'', ''wow'' and ''aha'' categories as we move to more complex and complete wine concepts. I would add the descriptor ''come on'' for wines that flirt with perfection, that are memorable and present a unique experience on their own. 

It is the unreleased Nectar 1968 from Samos Coperative that falls under this category of mind blowing or heart stopping wines. A rare beauty that stills matures in French oak for 49 consecutive years, produced from Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains that are sun - dried for few days to concentrate sugars and acids. 

Marketing Administrator of Samos Cooperative, Yiannis Parassiris says that they always keep an eye on some great vintages such as 1968. '' For 1968 the quantities are very small and perhaps we will bottle some in a top notch and super premium edition'' he adds. So far the winery has released the 1975 and 1980 special editions.

I tried the wine over two different occasions and this proves my case that sublime wines cannot be fully described under aromas but also feelings. While 1980 and 1975 were on the softer side this is very intense with warmth on the nose expressed by tar, black cherries, chocolate, espresso coffee. hazelnuts, prunes and minimum ten more aromas. Full bodied and monstrous on the palate (it has natural 14% abv and around 170 gr/lt of residual sugar) with perfect balance and powerful finish. I tried it the second time with a killer Gianduja chocolate dessert and that was a match made in heaven. Yet I am sure that the wine stands perfectly on its own as well as a vino de meditatzione. 

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