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22 January 2017

Το drink this week: Malagousia and Asprouda of Serres

I have been tasting quite a lot these past few weeks and it always feels nice when you see wines that do make a statement either by their fruit purity or by their individuality. New proposals are always welcome, yet it gives me equal pleasure when more mainstream wines shine as well.  

Wine Art Malagousia Plano 2016

This is a stunning example of Malagousia which has been gaining more and more popularity and attention during the last two years. Classy and stylish with a nice combination of floral, herbal and fruity aromas. Zesty and attractive, this is a benchmark with fine balance and delicious finish. Definitely a step forward compared to 2015 vintage. 91/100 (€ 9.90 in domestic market)

Nerantzi Asprouda of Serres 2014, 13%

Asprouda of Serres is considered by the winery, located in Serres, Macedonia, as a variety having nothing in common with the other Asprouda in Greece which is like a generic name meaning whitish. ''Wine Grapes''  states that this name has been given to to several distinct white varieties all over Greece with viticulturist Dr. Haroula Spinthiropoulou commenting that growers use the name for just about any unidentified light - berried variety. Following the efforts by the winery the variety is now listed as an official Greek variety. Nerantzi started vinifying it since 2007 with the first commercial release in 2013.

(The wine is fermented by indigenous yeasts in 500 lts new Balkan light toasted oak and further matured there for 4 months, yields are 40 hl/ha). Complex and intense aromas of hazelnuts, sage, ginger and cardamom. Quite exotic with a solid core of stone fruit. Full bodied but also elegant with soft acid and long lingering finish. 92/100 (€ 26 in domestic market, 1300 bottles produced)

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