It all started here

I was born in Athens, the modern one not the ancient one (so I guess you could say I am still pretty young)…

Before developing a passion for wine (or maybe this is actually the reason I eventually did so) I was a helicopter pilot for the Hellenic Navy, having served on board of various types of warships. Finally in 2011 I've decided to retire as a Commander to pursue my dream of chasing the Master of Wine title.

The journey was long (nearly 4 years) and extremely exciting! In 2015 I've managed to join the MW family. And then I became a Master and Commander :).

What Ι do?

I consult wineries and companies, teach and write about wine, spreading the word about the next big thing in the wine world: Greek wine (of course)…

This is where my heart lies in the Greek and the Eastern European vineyard. I always enjoy a glass of Xinomavro especially when it comes from very old vines. Pre phylloxera Xinomavro can be epic! It’s simply fascinating to trick my guests when serving them Limniona (well they pass it for a Burgundy! Fun times!); and well " …Heaven I am in Heaven…" when sipping a glass of Vinsanto or Tokaji!

Concerning disclosure issues please not that while I offer consultancy services to wineries and companies, I ensure that the provision of these services does not interfere with the content or objectivity of my writing. I have no ownership relationship with any winery, nor do I trade or sell wine by any means whatsoever. 

My goal is

To promote undiscovered varieties from non-mainstream wine regions such as from my country, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Croatia, Cyprus (long list follows…).

To grow up our MW family, by helping others in their way to pass the MW notorious exams (yes there is light at the end of the tunnel!!!).

The bare MW
(or some things you better had no idea about me)

- I am a foodie; I love prime meat, yet the best steak comes from… tuna.

- Ethnic cuisine is my kind of food (spice it up please!)

- If you need to pull some forces, the secret is my wife Elli; she is my hero and the only one who can persuade me to do the impossible (like going to the supermarket on a Saturday afternoon);

- I have watched all Spiderman and Peppa the Pig episodes; I am just waiting for the magic moment when my two angels are grown up enough to watch Mad Max and James Bond;

- Favourite vehicle and horsepower: Mini Cooper S 175 HP, AB 212 1875 HP

- I love wine, especially the one that grows under the Mediterranean sun (eerrrrr I guess this is not a secret, right?)

- Best Greek wines tasted: Naoussa Dalamara Vignes Franches 2009, Boutari Kallisti 1989, Dougos Rapsani (Ripassa) 2003, Hatzidakis Louros Santorini, Katsaros Chardonnay 2002, Naoussa Boutari 1969, Porto Carras Malagousia 1994 (I will try to update the list as I taste something stunning).

- Best Non Greek bottles: Richebourg 2004, Pichon Longueville 1990, Egon Muller TBA 2003, Blandy's Bual 1920.

How you can reach me?

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