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23 November 2019

Announcing the 50 Great Greek Wines Awards

I have worked in the Greek wine sector for a number of years now and the idea of presenting 50 Great Greek Wines slowly evolved in my thoughts. Having spoken to many producers over time, tasting their wines, I began to empathise with their concerns. Which is the best way to promote and sell Greek wine to the international markets?

This is why I had initially started karakasis.mw. My aim was to make the voice of the Greek producer heard. The articles I write are inspired by the stories of people who want to make a difference with their wine. I felt that the gems I came across had to be brought to light and be seen by all.

50 Great Greek Wines is not just another wine contest. My objective and that of the whole team that includes Marianna Makrigianni and Gregory Michailos is for these 50 wines to open doors for Greek wine. For these to lay the foundation for buyers and wine-lovers around the world to desire to find out more about Greek wine and to access Greek wine more reliably and easily.

In order to help empower the message of this contest, we have planned a number of innovative activities both within Greece and overseas, together with an e-book that will serve as a reference point and as a way of quickly informing the public.

Our priority is for the contest to be impartial and accredited and for this reason, the judges will include well-acknowledged wine-tasters who share a passion for Greek wine. The criteria will be based on the quality of the award-winning wines and not their quantity. The wines will be bought from the market and all wines will be given equal opportunity to enter the contest, each in its category.

The aim of the people involved in the contest is not just to award wines, but to make a difference. The vision of the 50 GGW is in line with that of the producers'. Communication and development. The point is for these 50 wines to travel the world and to establish the image of Greek wine.

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