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04 February 2024

Greek Wine Explained 2024: Τhe definitive annual guide to the latest developments in Greek Wine

Βy Yiannis Karakasi MW

‘’Emerging from the charming depths of underground tavernas to the dazzling heights of Michelin-starred restaurants and transitioning from the rocket-fuel Retsinas of yesteryears to the exquisite wines of today, the journey of Greek wine over the past two decades resembles the triumphant leaps of an Olympic champion, much like the incredible Miltiadis Tedoglou. True to the nature of all remarkable endeavours, the path was undoubtedly uphill, yet now, the dream of securing a prominent place on the world stage seems more tangible than ever.''

Greek wine, once a storyteller of traditions, has evolved into a creator of standards and a wellspring of inspiration. This transformation is a cause for celebration, and it beckons us to share the news of a new era in Greek wine. I am thrilled about this report because presenting what is happening in Greek wine in real-time requires a lot of effort and dedication to detail, which excites Evmorfia Kostaki and me, who contributed significantly to this first report.’’

This is my first online Greek Wine Explained report, extending over 25,000 words and 118 pages. It aims to provide comprehensive information about the current position of Greek wine on the global stage, along with numerous wineries and wine recommendations. The online report is divided into two sections.

The section Greek Wine Explained covers news and developments in the Greek wine industry from the past year, focuses on the challenges faced by old vineyards and reviews the 2023 vintage. Moreover, it includes an interview with Nikos Karatzas, one of the most talented Greek winemakers. It provides lists of new and emerging wineries, along with value-for-money proposals and wines not to be missed.

In the In-Depth section, the varieties Assyrtiko, Mavrodaphne, and the Aigialeia region are analysed in detail. These topics will change each year. The final chapter includes information on all Greek grape varieties, as listed in the national catalogue, and will be enriched over time.

Greek Wine Explained 2024 is available to download from www.greatgreekwines.com.

Greek Wine Explained is the perfect up-to-date digital guide if you're heading to Greece, looking to buy some Greek red or white wines, or want to understand more about Greek wine. It's your go-to for exploring one of the most exciting wine scenes in the world.

Greek Wine Explained 2024
Published Jan 2024 
Pages: 118 (digital copy)
Price: €20 

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