20 September 2018

Harvest in Naoussa 2018 (video with Kostis Dalamaras)

Walking in the Paliokalias vineyard in Naoussa and discussing with Kostis Dalamaras the challenges of 2018 harvest for Xinomavro grapes. 

''...I think it is going to be one of the longest harvests. We have already harvested some parts but it seems we have to wait a lot to reach phenolic ripeness...'' says Kostis Dalamaras. Watch the rest of the discussion in the following video and explore my new YouTube Channel

Stay also tuned for my report on the Naoussa region including insights with Haroula Spinthiropoulou, Nikos and Georgia Foundis, Petros Karydas, Apostolos Thimiopoulos along tasting notes of current and old vintages.

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