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11 July 2020

New terroir report for Santorini, final countdown

Just a few days left before my new terroir report (ebook) on Santorini and its wines is published on karakasis.mw, and I have to say that I am more than excited. It will add on to the series of Terroir Reports that I started with Amyndeo last year, and will be available on the 20th July at the following link. You can subscribe to the newsletter at the bottom of the home page to receive notification about purchasing a copy.

The report reflects the work of almost a full year and captures the greatness of this unique terroir, but also gives food for thought on the profound challenges and issues the island is already facing.

This ebook, hopefully soon in a more extended published edition, is a guide to Santorini designed to provide an overview of the island and create a reference base for locals, international visitors and professionals. It includes sections on history, grape varieties (starring Assyrtiko) and the different terroirs, together with the present and future of the industry. 

All 20 producers of the island are profiled, having increased significantly over the last two decades from just six in 1989. I have included recommendations of wines that I believe are worth seeking out and enjoying from the portfolio of each producer. 

Writing a book about a legendary wine region is meant to be a challenge. An opportunity for the author to dig deeper, discover and reveal information. As I probed further, I felt the magic of this place infusing me with the energy of not only its wines but of all the elements that constitute its breath-taking terroir:



And Fire.

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