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14 June 2022

Oeno P is the new venture of tireless Paris Sigalas in Santorini

By Yiannis Karakasis MW

On the 1st of May, I found myself at Paris Sigalas’s new winery (the old canava where Sigalas winery started), named Oeno P, to taste his latest effort, ‘Tria Ampelia' (three vines) from the 2020 vintage, which was just released in approximately 5,000 bottles. Retail price hovers around 70 euros. “I am anxious to see how the market will react to my new wine. I almost feel like a beginner,” he confides to me sincerely, a little before I taste his new wine. I couldn’t believe my ears. A man who has done so much for the island and Santorini wine is anxious? Modesty and realism in all its splendour. Respect and admiration come to mind when talking to a man of his calibre.

An excellent effort, Tria Ampelia Santorini 2020 shows finesse and is already enjoyable, but as he points out, it needs the experience to be appreciated. As does the whole of Santorini wine, I would add. Nevertheless, it isn’t just his new Assyrtiko that opens up a further discussion about typicality, balance and expressiveness. A sip of his Mavrotragano, aged in amphorae (and I hope will see no barrel maturation at all), is enough to make your eyes roll.

Tria Ampelia comes from selected vineyards from Fira, Megalochori and Αkrotiri villages and matures with the fine lees for 18 months in amphorae. A Nykteri will follow in 2024 from the 2021 vintage along with the Mavrotragano. The winery's total production will never exceed 20,000 bottles, says Paris. I hope you enjoy the wines of Oeno P that are a distinctive addition to the mosaic of Santorini Wines. Just as authentic as their creator. 

Photo Credit: Caro Maurer MW

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