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20 April 2019

Podcast: With Giovanni Gaja

This is my first podcast and it feels great to start with the new generation of the Gaja winery, Giovanni Gaja. It is always a privilege to be given the chance to dive into the world of Gaja; to understand the numerous factors that have contributed to its success and to realise that nothing has been left to chance. It is a product of hard work and of the obsession to be different.  

This took place in Athens, at Faidon's in Voula, where we discussed some key things such as: 

  • The need, or not, for a great story in the world of wine
  • The impact of climate change on Gaja's viticultural practices
  • The old vines debate
  • The trend for more elegant wines, which I call the 'pinotnoirization' of wine
  • The battles between modernism and traditionalism; international and indigenous; new oak or botti.
  • The importance of branding and packaging design
  • The role of 'influencers'

Hope you enjoy it and stay tuned for the next one. 

* The wines of Gaja are imported in Greece by Cava Halaris Cordis.

Submitted on 05/23/2019 - 11:45 by Emilie Steckenborn

Icon producer and great to hear this type of insight. Great podcast and congratulations on the launch. Looking forward to more!

Submitted on 04/24/2019 - 10:44 by Moshe

I enjoyed listening to the conversation. Good luck in the new and exciting world of Podcasting.

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