16 March 2018

Prowein and Greek whites loading

I am happy to be at Prowein over the next few days and I feel tempted to try new things from undiscovered (but also discovered) regions. There are quite few events I want to attend such as the Meininger Awards, the Winemakers' Winemaker award, the Bordeaux 2015 tasting and more...

I will also have the opportunity of presenting a thorough tasting of Greek whites on Monday at the Meininger stand. Just a few years ago who had heard of Assyrtiko, Malagousia or Moschofilero? Today these varieties, from some of the world's best terroirs such as Santorini, Cephalonia and Mantinia, are the centre of attention for many wine enthusiasts and this is due to the work of inspiring winemakers who continually explore the limits of their terroirs and varieties. Nevertheless, these do remain niche products, of course.

Come and taste 10 beautiful whites with me on Monday, made of Assyrtiko, Mochofilero, Malagousia, Robola, Roditis and Savatiano; join in the discussion of how the quality of Greek wines has skyrocketed.

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