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13 June 2016

Ready for Australia #GreekOzTrip2016

Happy to get on a plane again even though it will be my fourth transatlantic trip this year. This time it is Australia, a very much anticipated trip presenting, communicating and spreading the word for Greek wine to many friends Down Under. 

There is a great programme there for more than ten days in a very detailed effort organised by the National Interprofessional Organisation of Wines and Vines (in short New Wines of Greece) and supported by a great team in all aspects (Νew Wines of Greece team, Eleni and Gregory).   

You can check all the programme here that includes trade tastings, masterclasses and hospitality tastings along consumer and media dinners. It will be packed with many activities but I would happily chat around if you happen to be in Sydney or Melbourne where I will host a series of masterclasses.  

I am also very excited because Peter Barry accepted my invitation to present together the Assyrtiko masterclass explaining why Assyrtiko is one of the big assets for white varieties world wide.

You can check the masterclasses series below:

A Wine Odyssey: Greece from North to South Part 1

This masterclass will introduce you to the key wine regions and grape varieties of Greece. From North to South and from East to West, this one-hour session will highlight the diverse terroirs, styles, authenticity and uniqueness of modern Greek wine.

For the love of Assyrtiko: from Santorini all over the world

When was the last time you fell in love with a grape variety? From the mineral-driven dry wines of Santorini to the noble sun-dried, luscious sweet Vinsanto wines, the expressive versions from mainland Greece and the promising Australian new entry, Assyrtiko, can easily blow your mind. Be prepared for a full-throttle masterclass!

The Rising Stars: Εmerging Greek varieties

With more than 300 indigenous grape varieties, Greece can offer excitement to all those eager to explore something new and different. This masterclass will unlock all the rising stars of Greek wine and focus on their potential success in the sophisticated Australian market. 

A Wine Odyssey: Greece from North to South Part 2

A perfect pair with North to South Part 1 and a worthwhile session on its own, this masterclass will continue to explore key wine regions and grape varieties of Greece. 

You can also see the media coverage so far below: 

Greeks bearing vines from themagnificentlife.com

Wine tastings: Calling all Greek freaks from www.wbmonline.com.au

Drinks on me  an interview I gave for http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/

To book your place at the trade tastings or masterclasses please contact Liquid Ideas on 02 9667 4211 or alternatively email rsvp@liquidideas.com.au.

See you soon in Australia!

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