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Vineyards & Wines of Greece

The Vineyards and Wines of Greece 2017 (e-book)

In his first edition of the Vineyards and Wines of his beloved country (e-book), Yiannis Karakasis MW describes in detail the current wine scene in Greece and all the excitement it has created. He says ''that this is the right moment for all this energy and talk about Greece to nucleate around something solid and permanent, for all this movement to crystallise upon and grow''. 

Demetri Walters MW and Dr. José Vouillamoz foreword this edition. Walters comments that ''set in the context of this renaissance, Yiannis Karakasis MW has created an easy-to-read, comprehensive and timely issue that outlines the state of wine production in Greece today, launching a number of enquiries into the current state of Greece's regional styles, specifically the rise of island wines, including the brand dominance of Santorini Assyrtiko. He furthermore assesses the quality developments being achieved in Greece's most famous red wine-growing regions, notably the possibility that Xinomavro of Naoussa might well become the next cause for celebration. Moving on, he evaluates the resurgence of traditional, often obscure, grape varieties and styles, including the rebirth of time-honoured wines such as Retsina as well as the celebrated sweet wine styles. This consideration continues as Karakasis tables his own classification of wine quality based on extensive travels and tasting''. 

This publication is more than 30.000 words long extending in 128 pages. Contents include:

Part 1: Exploring the Greek wine landscape

  • History - Evolution 
  • Future: Trends and Challenges
  • Down to the basics


Part 2: The Regions

  • Santorini: The Jurassic Park of Vines 
  • Naoussa of the Future
  • Other wine islands
  • Mainland wine production: Nemea et al 


Part 3: The varieties

  • Greek varieties decoded
  • Vintages
  • Ageing Potential


Part 4: Traditional Greek Styles

  • Sweet wines - Retsina


Part 5: Classifications and scores

  • Top producers (70 wineries included)
  • Top wines
  • New Generation of winemakers
  • Tasting notes (approximately 400 wines scoring over 89/100)


This publication also includes Karakasis:

  • Top 10 Assyrtikos
  • Top 10 Indigenous whites
  • Top 10 International whites
  • Top 10 Indigenous reds
  • Top 10 International reds
  • Top 10 Sweet wines 
  • Producer of the year
  • Emerging producer of the year
  • Wine of the year (white and red)