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24 December 2020

Highlights of a strange year

Finding highlights in a year such as 2020 might be a tricky job. There is so much pessimism and anxiety in the atmosphere that everything gets covered by the haze. However, good things did happen and the following I felt were my top moments of happiness.

50 Great Greek Wines
Carrying out a revolutionary ''competition'' during the pandemic was not an easy task. Nevertheless, despite all the uncertainty of the times, everything went well and the 50 Great Greek Wines were announced in late September. Even better, there is a free to download digital book, for which Gregory and I are particularly proud of. Easy to access, here on the site, it covers the competition in detail, and of course the wines. 

Santorini Terroir Report
Τhe publication of a terroir report on Santorini followed the Amyndeo report of 2019. In the space of approximately 100 pages, it covers sections on history, grape varieties, different terroirs, together with the present and future of the industry. All 20 producers of the island are profiled, together with recommendations on wines that I believe are worth seeking out. The digital book on Santorini can be purchased here.

Tasting a New Wave of Cyprus wines
Cypriot wine has evolved impressively over the last fifteen years from the vineyard to the cellar, and a rising number of wineries are exporting to the USA, Switzerland and the rest of Europe. Last February, during one of my visits to the island, I was given the chance to witness all the ‘fermentation’ that is taking place as Sotiris Neophytidis and I tasted wines that are new projects. At the link here you will find more about these new projects.  

And some more relaxed moments

Climbing a wall with Vassilis

Sunset from Acropolis

Lunch in Gaitanaros in Kitries, Kalamata

Dinner at Botrinis

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