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25 June 2021

The new Paris Winery on Santorini by Paris Sigalas

By Yiannis Karakasis MW

Breaking news for Santorini as pioneer producer Paris Sigalas announced his new venture, which will be named ‘Paris winery’. This follows the acquisition of the majority of Domaine Sigalas’ shares by shipowner Thanassis Martinos on the eve of 2020

Sigalas has been flirting with the idea for some time, particularly after vinifying specific vineyards in amphorae at Domaine Sigalas in 2020. We initially discussed this prospect during my November visit to the island for a photo shooting for the upcoming book of ‘The Wines of Santorini’. During the tasting that followed, I sampled wines from 5 pitharia (amphorae) in the winery's basement. 

The grapes were sourced from four vineyards: Fira, Akrotiri, Vourvoulos and Megalochori. My tasting notes highlighted the Megalochori wine. Paris Sigalas’ new winery will be a renovated canava within the initial establishment of Domaine Sigalas, and he wants it to ‘focus on the beauty of Assyrtiko’ with an aim for 20,000 bottles maximum total production. The wines will probably be released in the spring of 2022.  

Paris winery line-up will include a Kavalieros style Santorini with 18 months on the lees; a Nykteri released 3 years following the harvest, and a Mavrotragano released 3-4 years later. ‘Ex cellar prices will be targeting 40-50 euros’ says Paris, which means retail prices will be in the range of 60 euros. 

The winery will be commercially independent of Domaine Sigalas, says Paris, as he stresses the bond and excellent relationship with it.

Photo credit: Nikos Koustenis for www.karakasis.mw

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