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12 August 2016

Assyrtiko around the world (an update)

Assyrtiko is growing fast in terms of appreciation both by professionals and consumers. Santorini is a trend confirmed by a surge in prices while other regions in Greece are expected to follow. 

What is also interesting is the spread of this extraordinary variety across the world. It is in fact the first Greek variety that has broken the national boundaries planted now in a bunch of countries.

Very recently, Stefen Metzner wrote a guest post about the wonderful Alois Lageder Assyrtiko from Alto Adige. 

Here is a synopsis of what else is written so far in karakasis.mw:

• The Assyrtiko Masterclass during the Wines of Greece promotional activities down under that was co-hosted with Peter Barry ( Greek wine in Australia

• Assyrtiko planted in Strandja Massif in Turkey by Mustafa Camlica and experimental vinifications by Eben Sadie in Swartland, South Africa (Assyrtiko around the globe

• The single vineyard Alpha Estate Assyrtiko from Amyndeon (Alpha Estate Single Vineyard Assyrtiko 2015)

• There is also the very first post on Jim Barry's Assyrtiko written for jancisrobinson.com

Be sure to keep an eye for an upcoming new story on Peter's Barry Assyrtiko and on the superb Assyrtikos from Tinos (T-Oinos vineyards) and Drama (Costa Lazaridi and Pavlidis Estate). 

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