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27 May 2022

Clones in Greece, finally (Finally! A Formal Register of Clones in Greece)

By Yiannis Karakasis MW

A formal register of clones in Greece. Almost unbelievable. What seemed like an interminable discussion for many years, without any decisions or conclusions, has finally received the official seal of approval by the State. No, this is not a practical joke or April fool's day prank. As of the 16 th March 2022 an official ministry decree at the end specifies the officially registered grape varieties together with their clones

There are 210 indigenous varieties registered, although the actual number may well be higher. Of these, the following varieties appear with their certified clones

Agiorgitiko: 2 clones
Aidani: 1
Assyrtiko: 1
Avgoustiatis: 1
Vidiano: 2
Vilana: 1
Korinthiaki: 1
Kotsifali 1
Kydonitsa 1
Limniona 1
Malagousia 1
Mavrodafni 1
Μonemvasia 1
Moschofilero 1
Xinomavro 1
Roditis 2
Savatiano 2

All the information and relevant varieties can be found here (unfortunately only in Greek). One of the curious things I noticed, after a quick look, is that 7 Asproudes are included but only 1 Mavroudi. I also missed varieties such as Melissaki, Agrippiotis and Chloe among others.

This is a milestone for Greek wine as it ensures the preservation and protection of indigenous varieties. It is also an affirmation of the will to spread the message to the world. After all, with global climate change, the fact that Greek varieties are some of the most heat tolerant and easily adaptable to extreme conditions is hardly a secret.

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